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Zermatt ski resort, Switzerland

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The Matterhorn is probably one of the most famous mountains in the Switzerland, and also in the entire Europe. No wonder that the Swiss chocolate Tomblerone is shape in that way, after it. On the border between Switzerland and Italy, it is situated Zermatt, an official Swiss tourist resort. From Zermatt, you as a tourist can visit and climb a lot of mountains and mountain peaks, such as Gornergrat, Klein Matterhorn and Rothorn. Each and every mountain peak is wonderful, appealing to all types of tourists, for different reasons. The entire place is really beautiful, making many people to say that Zermatt is “the heaven on Earth” for the ski lovers and other winter sports addicts. In the summer season, Zermatt is offering sunning and picturesque landscapes, making from the surrounding mountains, the world’s most beautiful natural scenery. Besides skiing, there can be practiced many other winter sports, and also sports in general and activities. Biking, paragliding, together with mountaineering, are representing some of the most practiced sports in the entire area of the tourist resort.

Zermatt ski resort

Zermatt represents a traffic-free holiday resort, situated really at the foot of the most famous mountain, Matterhorn, where foreign visitors from all around the world are currently coming. Zermatt is the perfect place in which there can be found relaxation and joy, together with beautiful hikes and outlandish panoramic views. The wide area surrounding the tourist resort is offering numerous hiking trails, taking all the tourists through forests over alpine pastures, and also past the mountain glaciers and lakes.

Because of an excellent network of cables, there can be reached high altitude hiking trails, from which there can be seen incredible panoramas from the top of the mountain peaks. This place is containing all the necessary facilities, utilities and amenities, which any tourist would want, desire and expect.

In the case that the tourists are getting hungry, there is no problem at all. There are a lot of restaurants and bars, where you can eat a decent meal and drink a tasty and high quality beverage (wines especially). So, in Zermatt all the tourists can find what there are looking for, such as beautiful and attractive boutiques and shops, together with bars and a lot of interesting restaurants.

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