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Zao Onsen Ski Resort, Japan

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Zao Onsen   in the   Yamagata Prefecture   is one of the oldest ski resorts in Japan and has been on piste since the 1920's. Situated just about 3½ hours from   Tokyo , the Zao Resort can be easily reached from the city by motorway. Zao Onsen is a small onsen village with its own large ski resort. Zao Onsen   Ski Resort is known for its bizzare phenomena called as “Snow Monsters”. These are fascinating figures, shaped when snow and ice envelop the trees on the mountain. “Snow Monsters” are nature's magical work of art with ice and snow formed around fir trees. The resort also presents courses for beginners to advanced skiers, catering for families with young children to professionals! Zao Onsen is also one of the most famous sulphurous hot springs in Japan . The hot natural volcanic waters will lighten up and cool down your body and mind.

Zao Onsen Ski Resort

There are 4 gondolas, 35 lifts, and 10km downhill course at 800m altitudes. There are 15 slopes and 12 courses. Ski slope in Zao Onsen is enormously huge. It is one of the Japanese most eminent ski slopes so one should not afford to miss it. One can ski from one side of the mountain to another on a 10km downhill course at the altitudes of 800m. This ski resort is with 42 lifts and is said to be one of the Japan 's biggest resort. Zao ski area also features three large public bath which boasts of a "Zao Onsen Dai Rotenburo," which is actually a large bath which can hold 200 people at once!

The mountain has an altitude of over 4000 ft, with a mix courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers. It is considered to be a laid-back family resort. The resort covers a massive landscape with a mega 42 ski lifts. The resort is so popular that one needs to book his ski lift tickets the night before or one could even obtain that by early morning. The best time to visit Zao Onsen is late January to early March.

One can accommodate at any of the hotels in this ski area like Zao Centre Plaza , Omiyan Ryokan, Zao Shikino Hotel, Zao Kokusai Hotel and Lodge Puutaro. One can reach Zao by reaching JR Yamagata Station. From there it takes 36 mins by Yamako bus bound for Zao Onsen which leaves the person at the last stop.

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