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Yulongxueshan Ski Resort, Yunnan province, China

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At an elevation of 4,700 metres above sea level, China’s Yulongxueshan Ski Resort is the highest in the Yunnan province in China. This ski resort has no dearth of snow due to its high altitude. The pure, unspoiled, natural snow covers the entire mountain which is 1000 metres long and 600 metres wide. This mountain has the tallest summit of 5,596 metres (18, 359 ft) for 300 km and the summit has been reached only once.

Tourists can reach the mountain’s lower snowy slopes using the 2968 metre long cable way. The ski season at Yulongxueshan Ski Resort starts in November and extends to early May, an amazing 6-7 skiing season.

There are two ropeway lifts. The ski slopes are suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers. However, the skiers need to be able to handle the rigors of the extremely high altitudes.

While enjoying the slopes, skiers can enjoy the bird’s eye view of the alpine lakes, rivers and grasslands. The breathtaking views of the glaciers and the magnificence of the Shanzidou Peak impress upon the skier the grandeur of life itself.

To get to Yulongxueshan Ski Resort, visitors may take the flight from Kunming Wujiaba International Airport to Lijiang and then get shuttle to the Mountain. Public bus service as well as taxis is available. Cable cars are also available to take skiers and families up to the Yulongxueshan Ski Resort.


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