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Yabuli, Shangzhi City, China

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Yabuli is the largest ski resort in China covering an area of 2,225 hectares. The ski resort offers best facilities and mainly serves as a training ground for the Chinese ski team. Yabuli is located in the classy Shangzhi City which is around 200 kilometres east of Harbin . Yabuli is a popular year-round tourist attraction focussing in ski activities. It is a sub range of the Changbai Mountain Range and envelops 2,225 hectares. The ski season in Yabuli begins from the middle of November and ends in late March.

Yabuli, Shangzhi City, China

Yabuli Ski Resort is currently the biggest and has the most inclusive facilities amidst various ski resorts in China . Among its features is the 3800m long main skiing trail located at an altitude of 1300m. Yabuli has diverse landscape for skiers at every level. There are 11 primary, intermediate and advanced ski runs. The alpine ski run here is the longest in Asia.

The ski resort contains two unique areas: the competitive portion and the leisure skiing portion. The alpine competitive skiing portion reaches an altitude of 1,374 meters (approx. 4,508 feet). This section is built according to International standards and provides an excellent environment for professional skiers.

In the leisure skiing section, the highest altitude is just 1,000 meters (approx. 3,281 feet), and the area provides a relatively safe environment for leisure skiing. In addition to that, there is also a German built slide where tourists can have fun descending down from the top of the snowy mountain.

Yabuli Ski Resort is a prime training centre for alpine skiers and the mountain organizes many professional skiing competitions. In 1996 the 3rd Winter Asian Games were held here along with several National Winter Games and other national and provincial contests. Visitors can also take advantage of the other entertainment facilities at the resort, such as the mini golf course, tennis court, turf courts, hot-air balloons, para-gliders among others.

One can opt for local transport for instance opting for D61, D63, T479 or T481 train from the Harbin Train Station to the Yabuli Train Station. After reaching the train station, one can take a bus to the skiing resort. One can take private taxi from the 301 National Highway till the resort. For accommodation purpose, the cost of the resort at Yabuli varies greatly. A standard double room in the resort will cost RMB540. One may also find cheaper options in the Yabuli town.

If you are looking for a good ski destination in China, then there is nowhere better than Yabuli Ski Resort. This is the biggest ski resort in the country and lies in Harbin which is a place Heilongjiang that lies in the north eastern part of China.

If you are skiing enthusiast, then this resort is everything you can every wish for. This ski resort provides world class skiing facilities which can be proven by the fact that Chinese National ski team trains in this resort. In 1996, the Asian Winter Games were also organized in this resort.

The climate of this place is very cold and the average temperature remains around -10 degrees Celsius that may even drop to -44 degrees. As a result, Yabuli receives a lot of snowfall every year. This place gets 20 to 100 centimeters of snowfall every year which provides excellent condition for skiing. The best thing about Yabuli Ski Resort is that it provides ski opportunities for every one. So, if you are a beginner, a mid-level skier or an advance ski enthusiast, you can enjoy skiing in this resort. There are 11 skiing trails in this resort which provide different difficulty levels for skiers.

If you are a beginner, then head on to the beginner's trail that is 500 m. long. This trail is specially designed for people who don't know how to ski. And for those who are expert in skiing, there is a 3,080 meters long trail is available that has a vertical fall of 805 meters. This trail is the longest ski trail in the entire Asia . You can also enjoy a 5 km long cross-country trail to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this mesmerizing ski resort. You don't even have to carry your own skis to the resort as you can get them on rental from the resort.

The best part of any ski trip is the ride in those tiny lifts which take you on top of the mountains. Yabuli has as many as nine such lifts which ensures that you won't have to wait in a queue to catch one of them. The views from these lifts are magnificent as they provide you glimpse of the snow-covered forests and mountains. 6 high quality snow grooming machines and 8 snow making machines are imported by this resort to make your ski vacation in this resort a memorable trip.

You can easily reach Yabuli by taking a flight to the Harbin Airport and then taking 230 km long bus ride to the resort. The ski season is from Mid November to March. So, make sure that you plan your visit in this period only.

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