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Why it’s essential you wear a helmet while skiing

The debate of whether you should or should not wear a helmet while skiing still rages on every year. There is a firm divisive line between those who agree and those who don’t. Although there has been a sharp increase in the number of people wearing ski helmets, others still claim that ski helmets are unnecessary.

This article goes through some of the reasons why we think it’s imperative that you wear a ski helmet while skiing. Of course, if you plan on taking out travel insurance, most insurers make it a necessity for you to make use of a ski helmet. This is something to bear in mind in case you’re going to have to make head injury claims.

It’s not as restrictive as some claim
Detractors argue that ski helmets are dangerous because it blocks your peripheral vision and buffers your hearing. This is not necessarily true anymore, with a lot of new ski helmet models.

The newer models are open at the ears, so the skier can hear perfectly well, with no sound isolation. Apart from allowing for adequate hearing, the helmet also acts a great way to keep your head warm, far warmer than a bobble hat.

It’s essential for young children and beginners
One should never, ever underestimate the injuries that can be caused to young children and beginners when they hit the slopes for the first time. Even professionals are gravely injured and even die because of their injuries, like Mike Kennedy in 1997, when he skied into a tree, dying of head injuries.

The statistics
Detractors will claim that statistical evidence clearly shows that it is unnecessary to wear a helmet. Only four in ten thousand skiers will suffer from some kind of head injury.

Still, around three thousand skiers a year in France alone will still suffer from these head injuries. You should always wear a helmet while you ski, because it’s far better to avoid an injury rather than become an anomaly in the statistics.

Your head is the most precious part of your body, and the effects of severe trauma to your head can be potentially life changing. There’s an easy way of avoiding these risks, and you should take it.

While some would passionately argue that wearing a helmet is unnecessary and that it impairs your peripheral vision, there’s no harm in protecting yourself against potential head injuries. It’s your health, after all, and you should take care of it.

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