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Whispering Pines Ski Area, Worsley, Alberta, Canada

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Whispering Pines Ski Area is operated by the Clear Hills Ski Club in the town of Worsley, Alberta. Started in 1984, this ski area is famous for its great snow conditions and terrain which provides hours of fun on 100% natural snow!

Here families and other groups can enjoy skiing or snowboarding in a stress-free and pleasing atmosphere. Accommodations can easily be made in the town of Worsley for out of town visitors. Inside the facility, Whispering Pines has a day lodge which along with the Upper Chalet; people can relax and get refreshed between runs.

This panoramic location has a vertical rise of 460 ft (140 meters).

People can enjoy hours of skiing or snowboarding along with scenic cross-country skiing if interested. There are six main runs in this facility along with 9 connecting runs and 2 snowboard runs. This ski resort offers beginner and expert terrains in the ratio of 30% beginner, 30% intermediate and 44% advanced. There are also three lifts including a chair lift, handle tow and a T-bar lift.  There is no night skiing here.

Lessons on skiing and snowboarding are available here. Some of these lessons cater to school children and youths. Birthday parties and other family gatherings are encouraged here for a minimum of 12 people. Regular ski hours are from 10:00AM – 4:00PM all week.

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