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The Wanlong ski resort, Mount Honghualiang, China

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The Wanlong ski resort, at about 250 km from Beijing, is the first Chinese ski resort to open every year when the temperatures in the area drop below zero. The resort is located on Mount Honghualiang—with the highest point at just over 2,100 meters—and is blessed with great snowfall. Not only does it have a very long ski season (from November to March), it also boasts of the best facilities in China, with snow-pressing machines, 13 snow-making machines, and snowfield motorcycles. 

The resort has 5 trails totaling 9 km of pistes catering to all levels, from beginners to advanced level skiers. There are four chair lifts available and the beginners’ slope has a magic carpet (a conveyer belt you stand on to be taken up the mountain), making those first days a little easier. Chinese style food as well as western-style food is available in the hotel and in the ski area base lodge.


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