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Vlasic ski resort, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Situated in the centre of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Balkan Peninsula of Southeast Europe and connected with the town of Travnik, Vlasic Ski resort is easy to reach even on the snowy days in winter. To get to this location, international visitors may reach through the Sarajevo International airport and then take a taxi to the ski resort.

There are many types of accommodations available near the park. Luxury hotels, chalets and lodges are plenty around the Vlasic Mountain near the towns of Travnik, Banja Luka and Knezevo.

The highest peak in this mountain range is 1943 metres and the snow in the surrounding mountains last almost five months a year. The Pokal Vlasic ski jumping competitions are conducted in this ski area every year with a 90 metre high diving board.

There are four ski lifts in Vlasic ski area including Ugar and Markovac with a capacity of 650 persons per hour each and Babovanac with a capacity of 2100 persons per hour. There is also a new lift called Visovi which has a capacity of 900 persons per hour. This brings the total lift capacity of this ski area to 4300 persons per hour.

There are 14 km of trails in this park of which 2 are classified as Beginners and 2 as Intermediate. There is also a 300 metres trail with a baby lift that has a capacity of 300 skiers per hour.


Vlasic ski resort


Night skiing is offered three times a week. There is also a rental facility for ski and snowboarding equipment here. The resort may be quite crowded at times and jostling for space is quite common.  Avoiding weekends at this ski resort is a good idea.

This is a privately owned resort and the owners do try to keep it maintained and trouble free. However, this resort caters to the beginners and would prefer that the advanced or expert skiers go over to the larger resorts.


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