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Vidra ski resort, Romania

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The area of Vidra is found in the Oltenia area of Romania in Eastern Europe. Famous for its lake, Vidra is becoming a popular area for those who love outdoor sports due to its mild weather conditions and beautiful scenery.

Vidra is a perfect area for those who enjoy fishing, boating, hiking, cycling and hunting and in the winter months between December and March, Vidra becomes an excellent venue for skiing activities, due to its reliable snowfall and close proximity to a number of other ski resorts. Vidra is best suited to those who enjoy cross-country skiing for the time being, as there is only one slope at present with the promise of more being established in the future.

The slope at Vidra is recommended for those with prior skiing knowledge, but is considered as manageable for beginners. Vidra is home to the number of great hotels, guesthouses, chalets, restaurants, cafes and bars, each applying to individual tastes and budgets giving you all of the comforts and hospitality Romania is famous for.


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