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Vars ski resort, France

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The Vars ski resort is located really close to Risoul. Situated at just 25 miles from Briacon, Vars has become in the last decades one of the most important ski resorts, offering many apartments as accommodation for all the possible type of tourists. Although it is visited mostly by the French, there are also many international visitors that are frequenting on a regular basis this mountainous tourists resort. You will now wonder why they are coming here, not just once, but many more times. Well, this ski resort can really offer the relaxation (being at a long distance from any town and city) and the picturesque landscapes that the tourists can just imagine of.

Having all its ski tracks above the limit of 2500 meters, Vars is assuring skiing and snowboarding all throughout the winter season, and sometimes for a bigger period of time, frequently extending the season as much as possible. Also, Vars is currently offering very good skiing, and in particularly for the beginners and intermediate in the domain of winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding.

If you are willing to escape the crowds in the week-ends and also in the peak of the winter season, Vars represents the best option, as said before, for any type of tourist. With its tracks where any skier can reach 160 kilometers, there can be all the time held winter sports contests.

If you are interested in the rental accommodations that can be found in this tourist resort, you don’t need to worry at all. Generally, the rental accommodations in this area are apartments, an exception represents Les Claux where a tourist can stay in a purpose built chalet.

Vars ski resort, France

The accommodation in the apartments is really cheaper than other any type of hotel in this entire region. In addition, all the surrounding hotels and motels are fully upgraded to our days (although you will be living on the top of the mountains), having all the necessary facilities, utilities and amenities that you can only wish for.

In conclusion, Vars represents a suitable tourist destination for the young families or for the friend groups, because here you can also find the vibrancy of a center city, but also the relaxation that can be only found in the forests of the top mountains.

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