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Valmeinier ski resort, France

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Valmeinier is a beautiful commune near the near-by city of St. Jean de Maurienne, in the French Alps. Also, this little French town is situated at the actual foot of the Mont Thabor (3207 meters), being one of the medium sized tourist resorts, having about 10000 beds in total.

This ski zone is shared by Valmeinier with Valloire, named now “Galibier – Thabor”, which is referring to the actual area of the 2 emblematic mountainous summits or peaks, peaking at more than 3000 meters.

Here, the first lift has been installed in the year 1973, in L’Armera, which is helping it to join up with Valloire, and it is also being operating for some years till now. In time, the entire ski zone has expanded, featuring now 150 kilometers of slopes, spread over 1600 hectares.

The snow park located in and around this tourist resort has been classified as the 5 th French snow park, and also as the 15 th European one. So, it has been certified by the French Snowboard Association, also known as AFS. The maintenance of the ski areas is made by the tourist resort’s staff, which is most specialized.

Valmeinier has a long and quite vibrant and frantic history. Being discovered in the 12 th Century, this area has been a non-important territory until the last part of the 17 th Century. After this period, this town has become a mining-based one, all this till the 20 th Century, when the tourist potential for this place has been discovered.

Although there are many avalanches that are unexpectedly starting, this tourist resort is still one of the safest and most secure ones in the entire French Alps region. The avalanches are constantly striking on a regular basis, so you will need to think a little bit when you will make a reservation at a hotel or at an apartment complex. But, all in one, Valmeinier is an ideal tourist destination for all the types of skiers and winter sports lovers.


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