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Val Thorens ski resort, French Alps, France

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Val Thorens is situated in the French Alps, at the staggering altitude of 2300 meters. This little French town has hosted many contests in the past few years, from which the most important is the Tour of France stage finish in the year 1994. The Tour of France is not a winter game, or something like this (not having any relation with ski or anything related to this), but it had shown the fact that this place is worth to be visited, by enjoying the natural views that are surrounding this picturesque place.

Val Thorens is one of the highest ski resorts in the entire European Continent. Because of the considerable altitude, this tourist resort is enjoying a very long season, with an entire ski infrastructure that is closing only in the last days of May. Many of the ski resort’s slopes are facing north and either north-west, and because of this there can be found here the best slow conditions. The slopes are not so sunny, real skiing being practiced, instead of usual “terracing”. But, if you are interested in a little bit of mountain bronzing, well you have an advantage because of the actual location of the tourist resort: the ski resort is facing south, so you can just sit outside in the actual sunshine after you have finished your skiing.

Val Thorens is a beautiful tourist resort, mostly because of the fact that it is surrounded by high peaks that are bigger than 3000 meters. Regarding skiing, it is much diversified, offering something for each and every level of ability. In addition, there are also many ski schools that are providing instruction for the little ones in the reserved zones.

This French tourist resort is not loved only by the French ski lovers. More than 70% of all its visitors are foreigners, such as Dutch, Belgian, British or even Scandinavian and German tourists that are actually ski addicts.

Val Thorens ski resort

In conclusion, Val Thorens is a tourist resort that is perfect for the winter sports addicts. If you love ski and skiing, this little French town can represent a great opportunity in testing your ski abilities, and even learn a little more.

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