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Val d’Isere ski resort, France

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Val d’Isere represents one of the most appreciated tourist destinations for the ski lovers. Val d’Isere is an important ski resort besides being a small commune, which is located in France, at just 5 kilometers to the border with Italy. You may remember this name, and it is quite aright to remember it. This small French town has hosted the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in 2009. Also, in 1992, it has hosted the Winter Olympics and it is currently part of the Tour de France, almost each and every year.


Val d’Isere ski resort


Val d’Isere is absolutely wonderful, and it is the best place to spend a winter holiday. The town is having an interesting old “chalet” architecture that is combining with the new high-rise architecture which is high-rising, dominating the entire landscape. In cooperation with its sister-town, Tignes, this little French town has been titled as being “the most beautiful ski area in the world”. This title was conferred mostly because it s the largest ski zone in the entire world.

Although the country is so attracting, it must not be forgotten the reason why this tourist resort is so famous and so respected. The Pissaillas Glacier is located not far from the old town, offering great skiing conditions all the year long (even in the summer period), being solicited mostly in the cold season. Unfortunately, the global warming is also affecting this once unpopulated place, causing the actual glacier to shrink. This thing has been happening mostly because of the severe climate changes in the last 10 years or so. In order heavy skiing to be constantly practiced here, without any problems, snow cannons have been placed on different mountain slopes. There are runs for any type of skiers, from beginner and novice runs, to runs that are designed for the usage of more experienced skiers (the expert ones).

Although it has been constructed in the 1930’s, the magical slopes from Val d’Isere have been internationally recognized as excellent just a few years ago. Currently this mountainous tourist resort is attracting tens of thousands of tourists each and every year, many of them coming back on a regular basis. In the future it is predicted that this place will grow on a constant basis, and in the next decade it will become one of the top 3 tourist destinations in France, and why not in the entire Europe.

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