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Uludag Ski Resort is in the Uludag National Park which is located in the Southern Marmara region of Turkey, 40 minutes of away from Bursa. Uludag is at a height that ranges between 1,750 and 2,547 meters and normally has a four month long ski season that starts from December and continues till the end of March. Annual snowfall is around 3 metres.

Uludag is around 150 kilometres away from Istanbul. You can reach this resort by taking a flight to Bursa Airport and then travel to the resort by bus or a private taxi a distance of about 40kmIt is 36 km from Bursa, and 150 km from Istanbul. The ski center is a 40-minute drive from Bursa or a 60-minute drive from the airport.


flickr image by Glimpses of the Past

Reviews are not brilliant for this resort and there are issues over prices and poor facilities.

There are fourteen lifts consisting of an old cable car, 5 chairlifts and 7 T bars. Piste maps are not good and is possible to become lost particularly when the fog comes down. No grading is used!

As a resort mainly used by locals for a few days and not a resort that visitors would travel to. Hotels are reported to be expensive. If in Turkey then often cheaper to visit resorts in Austria.

The good news is that Government wants to improve the resort and build new ski lifts. It is even talked about to build the longest ski run in Europe.

For non skiers or when the weather is bad then Bursa has a number of attractions with the Grand Mosque and the Green Mausoleum. For shopping is the covered Bazaar and old silk market.

There are a number of hotels in Uludag that include the Central Hotel; Grand Yazici Hotel; Hotel Monte Baia; Yazici Hotel Regency; Agaoglu Resort Hotel; Karinna Hotel; Akfen Club Hotel and Beceren Hotel. There are more hotels. It has been reported that the hotels in the ski season are not cheap.

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