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Approximately 60 km away from Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is the town of Tsakhkadzor(gorge of flowers), which is well known for its ski resort. Visitors come here via the Zvartnots International Airport or Yerevan Airport.   

Tsakhkadzor ski resort

Tsakhkadzor, which is also called the Armenian Alps, is located at an altitude of 1750 metres above sea level. Tsakhkadzor  ski area is located on the southeast slope of Mount Teghenis. The ski area was upgraded during the 1988 Olympics and developed into a resort later.

The base of the mountain is at 1969 metres and the summit is at 2465 metres giving the mountain a vertical drop of 850 metres (2790 ft). There are 8 alpine trails. The longest trail is 2000 metres.

There are five lifts in Tsakhkadzor ski resort including 1 Quad chair and 4 Doubles with magic carpet boarding systems. The season here starts in mid-December and usually ends in March or April. This ski resort has a ski and snowboard rental facility and a ski school for beginners.

Accommodations include Multi rest houses, hotels, lodges, chalets and apartment style homes.  Located at the foot of the mountain is a Café for skiers. There are two more cafes at the end of the first and the second lifts. For fun, try the ropeway on the Teghenis Mountain.

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