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The Troodos ski resort, Cyprus

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The Republic of Cyprus is a little island in the Mediterranean Sea and definitely not the first place people think about when planning their skiing holiday. Sunny beaches and warm, tropical waters probably spring to mind first.

The great thing about Cyprus is that you can enjoy both the pistes and the beaches, and on the same day, too! The ski season on Cyprus runs from mid-December to March, with the best snow in January and February. The Troodos ski resort is not very big, but it has a slope for every level, from beginner to advanced, and offers downhill skiing as well as cross-country skiing.

Facilities such as rental of ski equipment, and skiing lessons are all available. The possibility of combining skiing with many of the other available activities on Cyprus, such as walking or cycling, makes this island the ideal holiday destination for families and mixed groups of skiers and non-skiers. Mount Olympus offers spectacular views all year round and is worth a visit even for those who don’t ski.  

Troodos ski resort



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