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Tomamu Ski Resort, Hokkaido, Japan

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Tomamu ski resort is situated in the middle of Hokkaido Japan which is 150km east of Sapporo City and near to the Hidaka National Park . This resort is one of the most luxurious family oriented ski resort situated in Hokkaido . Tomamu is the most sumptuous of the Hokkaido resorts and is marketed towards the well-heeled skier.   The mountain's terrain is appropriate for all abilities and includes the freshly opened off-piste skiing areas, providing a lot of variety for expert skiers and snowboarders. Tomamu resort is possibly one of the most well-appointed winter resorts in Hokkaido , exhibiting exceptional restaurants, shops, a wedding chapel, and banquet halls. It is also one of the largest resorts in Japan , encompassing an area that is 203 times of the range of the Tokyo Dome.

The resort facilities of the ski resort are superb including ski lifts, a gondola, and quad, double and single chairlifts. In addition to all snow activities, it also has wealth of non-snow facilities including 'VIZ Spa house', which is the largest indoor wave pool in the country. It also possesses an ' Adventure Mountain ' and a giant snow amusement park with variety of games and skill-testing activities to keep kids engaged. It is also famous for the ice hotel only available during the ski season and has been completely refurbished as a designer hotel with their Ice Hotel chef preparing a special Deluxe Dinner Service. For the cross country devotee, Tomamu Japan 's ski resort has supplied various courses.

Tomamu ski resorts swank of a huge relaxation complex with a wave pool, saunas and spas consisting of an outdoor heated spa area. There is also a beautiful ice dome village. The ski area is double the size of Sahoro and offers a good variety of landscape. Alpine alternatives include, snowmobiling, backcountry tours, cross country skiing, para-skiing, dogsledding, hot air balooning and visiting the ice dome village. 

The resort has diversity in accommodation like Tomamu Towers , Hotel Alpha Tomamu and Galleria Tower Suite Hotel that offer comfortable and spacious lodging. The resorts possess a huge indoor wave pool, outdoor pool, saunas, spas, relaxation centre and a large variety of restaurants to choose from. Tomamu is well suited for families and offers extravagant services and facilities.

To reach Tomamu, it takes 1.5 hours by train from Sapporo to Tomamu Station, and one hour from the New Chitose Airport . The JR Tomamu Station is located within the resort.  


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