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Tianshan Mountain Ski Resort, Golden Spring Valley, China

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Tianshan Mountain Ski Resort is situated in the Golden Spring Valley close to the Tianshan Mountain which is 60 kilometers away from Urumqi in Northwest China's   Xinjiang   Province . The Tian Shan mountain range (also spelled as Tien Shan ), is located in Central Asia to the North and West of the Taklamakan Desert in the margin expanse of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of western China. In the South it connects up with the Pamir Mountains.

Tian Shan essentially means “celestial mountains”. The highest peak is Pik Pobedy ( Victory Peak ) which is said to be the highest point in Kyrgyzstan .   The Tian Shan range is one of most picturesque ranges in   China . The Tian Shan Mountains splits into two great deserts, the Taklamakan and the Gobi . The average snow coverage is around 175 days and ski season last for 155 days. T he Tian Shan range is one of most picturesque ranges in   China   and is measured happily to any range in the Rockies or   Alps . Tianshan has over 30-kilometer of racing runs to perform ski races.

Tianshan Ski Resort offers alpine ski, freestyle jumps, ski lessons, and other interesting activities. The 500-meter long beginner trail with a width of 200 meters is paradise for beginners. Skiing takes place in the mountains of western Tian-Shan (approximately 100 km of Tashkent - the capital of Uzekistan). There are 5 to 8 usual free ride destinations on the Pskem ridge and some more on Chatkalski and Ugam ridge.

Tian Shan is one of the most stunning mountain ranges of   China . Well-explained as the "celestial mountains", it is enclosed with snow throughout a year; the weather is sunny all the time, that is why the Tian Shan is believed to be pretty much reasonable.

The first Chinese international-level ski resort called as Ping-Tian, is being constructed in the Tian Shan mountains. The resort offers 5 lifts, tracks for professionals and beginners (at the foot of the mountain). Tourists will also have a chance to take a rest at the “Alpine” village which is situated at the resort. PingTian Resort is situated an hour's drive from the regional capital of Urumqi . Traditional tents but may lack comfort so visitors are often recommended to stay at Urumqi.

With a population of two million, Urumqi is western China 's most vibrant commercial and industrial city with 50 daily flights from major hubs such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Europe.


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