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Ski Equipment Brands you can Trust

With so many brands on the market, trying to decide which skis to purchase can be confusing. Manufacturing brands can charge a wide variety of prices, while also offering customers a number of different choices with regards to the ski's style, design and purpose. Purchasing a new pair of skis can be a daunting task, but if you're interested in purchasing your own ski equipment, perhaps for the first time, worry not as we have assembled a list of reputable brands to show you which equipment manufacturers you can trust to provide you with high quality products.

ski equipments
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Before you begin shopping around for a pair of skis it will help you to know exactly what type of skis will be ideal for you. This will help you to determine which brand is the most likely to stock suitable equipment. If you are a first time buyer at beginner level, it is advisable that you avoid purchasing skis that are specifically suited to one type of skiing, such as freestyle, park or race skis. Instead you should aim to find a good quality all-round pair of skis that will support you as you progress through the first stages of learning the sport.

If you are an advanced level skier, choosing a brand can still be a challenging task, especially if you have not decided on a specific model. If this is the case you can look for a brand that offers more choices, as you are more likely to find skis that are suitable for a variety of terrain, which will suit your individual needs for skiing.

With regard to determining the best ski brand and model for you, there are several factors to consider, including your level of ability, the type of skiing you practice and your budget.

Ski equipments
The brand K2 has a good reputation for manufacturing high quality ski equipment. It also tests all of its product's performance before making them available to purchase. This helps to maintain the brand's excellent standards. K2 is a good all-round ski brand that also supplies consumers with a wide variety of colours and designs, allowing you to choose skis that appeal to you visually. This can also make K2 skis appealing for those who are planning to purchase a pair of skis as a gift. However, K2 skis are generally priced slightly higher than similar model that carry a different name. This means that although K2 skis are high quality you are also paying a little extra for the brand's reputation and the artistic design of the skis.

Rosignol are also known for their high standard of ski equipment. This brand manufacture skis that are specifically tailored to suit beginner, intermediate or advanced level skiers. This brand provides consumers with a wide variety of choices for customizing skis, which means that if you are searching for a specific collection of qualities in a pair of skis you will have a good chance of finding a suitable model with this brand. Rosignol also offer good value for money on many of their products, including ski models for children.

A manufacturing company that originated in Slovenia, Elan is another trustworthy brand, although its selection is slightly more limited in comparison to some of the other brands on our list. If you're looking for racing, twin-tip or women's beginner skis then Elan could be the ideal brand choice for you. Their skis have a reputation for having amazing endurance and will support you on a variety of terrain, from ice to thick powder.

Line Skis are less well known than some of the other brands on our list, although they still supply a good level of quality. This manufacturer tends to specialise in expert level skis that are suitable for a specific terrain, such as pro, park or freestyle.

In business since the 70's, Dynastar has established itself as a reputable manufacturing brand. They have a good reputation for being innovative with their ski designs, and in doing so they have done their part in helping to push the sport forward, while achieving technical progression on the slopes. It is true that this brand focuses far more on the technical side of the design process rather than the decoration side. However, it is this concentration on technical advancement that has enabled Dynastar to build its excellent reputation.

The last contender on our list of trustworthy brands is Atomic Ski. This is a company that has been developing ski equipment since the 50's. It is known for its high quality skis, aimed at expert level individuals. However, it is now bringing in more and more model choices for beginner and intermediate level skiers, making it an all-round brand. This is a manufacturing brand that you can choose for your first pair of skis, and continue to rely on as your ability level rises.

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