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Ski boots are the major piece of equipment in a skier’s closet. More than just clunky plastic accessories, ski boots will have more of an effect on skiing performance and comfort than any other piece of ski gear. So the choice of what ski boots to buy is an important and expensive decision.

There are a few major factors to consider when purchasing ski boots. The first is the fit of the boot on your foot. Since you may be wearing these boots for 8 hours on the slopes and putting your weight firmly above them, the boots really need to fit your feet. Ski boots should fit tightly around your foot but also should not have any parts that bother your foot--no prodding plastic or pinched toes from a small toe box. Some great ski boot shops keep a demo pair of boots in every style and size for you to take up to the mountain for the afternoon.

This is, bar none, the best way to tell if a boot fits. If your local shop or mountain does not provide this testing, make sure you wear the boots in the store for 20 minutes or more and also make sure you do full squats in them repeatedly. The squats will cause your foot to slide back in the boot as if you are skiing and will let you see if they are too big or just right.

Ski boots also are designed with the different level of skier in mind. Beginner boots are much more forgiving and cushy. Think of them like big sofa cushions wrapped around your feet. These boots will feature less plastic and more padding. As you move up to advanced and expert boots, comfort gives way to control. The better the boot, the better it is at translating small shifts in your feet into accurate turns on your skis. Your feet and your ski boots become the driving force in turning as you become a better and better skier. Therefore, check to make sure you can control the boots you like by rocking them from the inside edge to the outside edge while you are in the store, mimicking the movements from the slopes.


Ski boots

Ski boots are also loaded with features that you may want to consider. Some feature on-your-ski boot heaters, some have an extra simply loading mechanism for easy on and easy off control, and some just feature the newest materials and incredible styling. All of these decisions come down to personal ski boot preference.

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