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Sistema Central ski resort

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This open and inviting ski resort is known as a carving paradise with extra long slopes that are wide and extensive.  Guests can ski without the worry of running into someone next to them as there is a lot of room for everyone.

Sistema Central, which is sometimes described as the “dorsal spine” of Spain, is a geographical term that refers to the mountainous chain that splits the Meseta Central into two regions, North and South. It is not a ski resort, but more an area or territory where tourists can ski. There are a few slopes where interested people can practice skiing. The place is well known for its diverse and spectacular scenery. From here there can be seen the range’s highest mountain peak, Pico Almanzor, at 2592 meters altitude.

Local inhabitants usually refer to the Sistema Central, by using the names of the smaller constituent ranges. In addition, it is quite a rural and isolated part of Spain, with few inhabitants. However, it is worth to get here, at least once in a lifetime.  
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