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Shijinglong ski resort, China

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The shijinglong ski resort is located at only 80 km from Beijing, and was the first ski resort to be opened in this area, in 1999. The location of this resort makes it the perfect place for a day-trip away from the city—resulting, of course, in longer lines and more crowded slopes on the weekends. The facilities in the resort have grown and improved over the years, making this Beijing’s top resort for skiing and snowboarding, with eight first-rate slopes for all levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced level skiers).  

The resort easily handles 80,000 visitors during its three month season and has a parking lot for 1,000 cars. Some of the main attractions, beside the skiing, are the snowboard paradise, sleigh rides, ice-skating, curling and ice-climbing. Apart from that, there are saunas and hot springs to relax your tired muscles after a day on the slopes. Snowmaking machines are available to help mother nature if needed. At the bottom of the slope you can enjoy a western-style meal in the restaurant, or check out the shops.  


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