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Semenic ski resort, Romania

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The ski resort of Semenic can be found in the Banat Mountains, of the Banat region of Romania. The resort is fast becoming one of the most popular and reputable in Romania, with an altitude of 1410m and a subalpine climate that grants the area an average 90cm deep covering of snow. This snowfall lasts longer than other areas of Romania, extending the ski season to November till April.

The resort features a total of around 3km worth of slopes, with a 0.4km blue slope, two red slopes (1.2km) and two black slopes (1.7km). The slopes can be accessed by two reliable ski lifts. Semenic is appreciated by people of varying skill levels and features instructors for anyone of low confidence or who is new to the sport of skiing. There are also a number of other attractions in the area, including glorious walks through the forests, mountains and lakes Semenic was once best known for.


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