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Sella Nevea ski resort, Italy

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It is a modern Italian ski resort, with a large range of facilities, really close to Tarviso, a near-by traditional village. It was a candidate for the 2002 Winter Olympics. The ski pass allows tourists to ski in ski resorts located in Slovenia and Austria. There are 10 kilometers of downhill skiing. In addition, it is essential to note that there are 2 kilometers of ski runs, divided into 11 individual ones. They are served by 8 ski lifts. Other ski facilities are the 20 snow cannons that serve the resort’s ski runs.  Sella Nevea has 8 ski lifts that are able to uplift 5040 skiers or snowboarders per hour. Skiing is good, especially for beginner skiers. There are also ski areas designed for intermediate or advance skiing.

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