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Schnalstal ski resort, Italy

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Schnalstal is an Italian ski resort, being part of the Ortler Skiarena Area. It has access to 123 ski trails. Beside the skiing facilities in Schnalstal (35 killometers of ski runs), tourist can use ski lift pass to ski or snowboard in other Ortler Skiarena ski resorts, such as Haideralm, Maseben, Meran 2000, Latsch Tarscheralm and many other ones. All the ski runs are located above 2500 meters, so skiing and snowboarding are assured throughout the entire season. The resort offers good skiing, especially for intermediate skiers. If you will ever come here, you will find welcoming and friendly people. There are some bars and restaurants in the area. However, this is a place where any tourist can enjoy life.

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