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Turkey is a very popular holiday destination for the lovers of culture and history. Even if you haven't been to Turkey yet, you must have heard about its unmatched beauty and breathtaking locales. If you are a nature lover and love to have a great time in mountains, then you must visit the spectacular ski resorts which are some of the best in the ski resorts in the world.

Sarikamis Ski Centre is one such beautiful destination. Located around 50 kilometres away from Kars, this ski resort lies in Sarikamis in the eastern region of Turkey. Just 60 kilometres away from the Kars airport, Sarikamis ski centre is a beautiful hill resort nestled between breathtaking mountains and tall pine trees. This Alpine resort allows a great skiing experience that can only be compared to the one in Swiss Alps.

This resort receives around 1.5 metres of snow every year, on an average and the ski season goes from 20 December to 20 March every year. This resort receives beautiful snow that is just perfect for skiing and also has a ski slope that is considered one of the longest slopes in the world.

The climate of this resort is also exceptional as you won't have to endure bone-chilling temperatures in order to enjoy good snow. This resort gets ample of sunlight that keeps the temperature relatively comfortable but don't worry, it doesn't affect the snow at all. In fact, the snow condition stays same as the first day till the end. This also makes this resort very safe as there is no danger of avalanches due to bad and melting snow.

This resort is situated in varying heights of 2,200 to 2634 meters and provides some of the most beautiful natural scenes in the country. Its beautiful skiing trails are lined with thick pine forests which guard it from the excessive winds and make the skiing experience even more pleasurable.

You will find all kinds of skiing facilities in this resort. Sarikamis resort has everything you will need to make your skiing holiday in Turkey memorable. Here, you can enjoy both Alpine and cross country skiing. Don't forget to go to the Cibiltepe which is 2,700 meters high and has 5 slopes with varying difficulty levels. You can choose a slope that best suit your expertise levels and have a great time. These slopes are more than 7 kilometres long and are longest ski slopes in the country. The area surrounding these slopes is best suited for some cross country skiing.

You can also take ski lessons by qualified instructors in this resort. You will also find good accommodation options for a comfortable stay at Sarikamis ski centre.

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