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San Domenico di Varzo ski resort, Italy

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San Domenico di Varzo is quiet ski resort known for providing travelers with a classic ski experience. This picturesque alpine village sits at 1,420 meters above sea level in the Ossola Valley in northern Italy. San Domenico is a smaller ski resort, but it has all of the shops, facilities, and activities you would find at a much larger and more frequented resort. Skiers looking for a relaxing ski holiday away from the main hustle and bustle of large resort cities will appreciate the charm of San Domenico di Varzo.


Despite the city's small size, visitors will enjoy a full range of lodging options in San Domenico di Varzo. With elegant hotels, rustic lodges, economical huts, and scenic campgrounds, San Domenico di Varzo provides visitors with overnight options to suit all needs. Extended stay visitors can also choose from fully furnished budget or luxury apartments, available for short and long term rentals.


San Domenico di Varzo has eight ski runs and six chairlifts or ski lifts, providing you with a variety of ski options and a convenient method for reaching the top of the slopes. The slopes are groomed with the latest equipment to ensure you have a smooth and easy downhill experience. The runs are designed to suit all skill levels, with the longest run at 6,500 meters. Snowboarding is also permitted on all of the runs. The wide trails, groomed snow, and steep declines make this a popular area for snowboarding. The natural snowpark features a half-pipe, jump, and boardercross, giving you an exciting punch to your snowboarding experience at San Domenici di Varzo.

On the slopes, you can take a break without leaving the ski area with a stop at Rifugio 2000, a restaurant, bar, and ski rental shop.

Other Activities

San Domenico di Varzo has a reputable ski and snowboarding school, ideal for beginners as well as those looking to sharpen their skills. Winter mountaineering is also a popular winter activity for the adventurous. The three local pubs popular places to relax in the evening after a wonderful day on the slopes.

In the summer months, the mountains come alive with lush green landscaping, providing campers, hikers, and mountain climbers with a beautiful location to explore the great outdoors.


San Domenico di Varzo is known for its fabulous Ossola cuisine and traditional farm-style cooking. You can also enjoy food and snacks at several other local restaurants and bars, including a local pizzeria.

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