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Saas Fee ski resort, Switzerland

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Saas Fee represents the main village in the Saastal region, also known as the Saas Valley. The surroundings of this true natural tourist resort are really interesting, blending the green alpine forests with the snowy top hills or mountain peaks. This Swiss village is neighboring with Almagell, Grund and also Balen.

Saas Fee ski resort

This ski resort is very close with the Dom and Allalinhorn glaciers, providing many winter sport opportunities throughout the entire year. Saas Fee is neighboring many high mountain peaks, like Weissmies, Lenzspitze and Nadelhorn, representing a popular tourist resort for the foreign climbers. The usual sport activities are including skiing, snowshoe trekking, carving, together with ice climbing and canyon climbing. If you will want to come here with your friends and family, do not forget to place your car outside the actual tourist resort. From 1951 it is a local law that forbids and excludes most of the motor vehicles in this alpine village. So, no cars are allowed to enter this alpine city, the actual parking being made outside it.

In addition to all this, Saas Fee is offering many sports, culture and off-slope activities, together with classical music, numerous bars and restaurants. For its younger tourists, there are many high quality nightclubs, where you and your friends can enjoy the true nightlife. In the case you still want some more sport activities, in the case that you are not tired of skiing and climbing, there are many sport and leisure facilities in this little town, such as gyms, saunas and massage centers.

Also, this place is featuring one of the highest funicular railways in the entire world, which is taking the ski addicts up to the actual skiing area. Up there can be seen the highest revolving restaurant in the entire world, situated at the impressive altitude of 3500 meters.

If you do not really remember Saas-Fee, the tourist resort and its name, well there is a time to remember. Here it was filmed the video for the Wham!’s hit single, "Last Christmas", which it attests the fact that this place is really marvelous.

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