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Risoul ski resort, Alpes, France

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This is one of the most popular tourist resorts in the Alps. From here, the tourists can enjoy some outstanding views over the most expensive ski places in France. There is a wide range of tracks, of each and every experience level. In total, there are more than 180 kilometers of ski runs, all these amazing tracks being located between latitudes of 1650 and 2750 meters.

Risoul is a little town, a commune in the Hautes-Alpes department in the southeastern part of France, being situated in the French Alps, exactly between the near-by town of Briancon and Gap. This tourist resort is world-wide known as an important ski resort. Officially, Risoul has been opened as a ski resort in 1977, providing all its tourists with impressive ski facilities and amenities for any type of skier, regardless of being a beginner, intermediate or even advanced.

There are more than 55 ski lifts that are including cable cars and chairs. All these facilities are able to have an important uplift capacity, of more than 57000 skiers per hour. This little French town is prepared anytime for satisfying the tourists needs, being equipped with artificial snow installations, in case there is a lack of snow or no snow at all, in order to keep the skiers running on the tracks (being very near to the near-by country of Italy, receiving most of the time warm currents from the Mediterranean Sea).

This place is not only the heaven on earth for the ski enthusiasts it has also been world-renown by receiving medals and labels in the tourism domain. This tourist resort has earned the label of “Petit Montagnard”, which accredits this little town on the tree-lined lower slopes that are perfect for the family vacations.

If all this has not convinced you till now, there is one more thing. This area is enjoying more than 300 sunny days per year, although we are talking about a mountainous area, not about a sea tourist resort. It is sunny place also in the winter months, so don’t be amazed when you will see this at your arrival in this magnificent French tourist resort.

If you are a ski and winter sports addict, Risoul represents one of the best holiday choices or decisions that you can ever make.


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