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Pyha ski resort , Finland

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Fancy something a bit different? Something that is going to provide a great topic of conversation around the dinning table? Then look no further than the Finnish resort of Pyha. The area is actually divided up into two villages of Pyhä and Luosto (that are 25 kilometres away from each other), which make up a National Park and they are only 90 minutes drive below the Artic Circle.

Pyha skiing

The resort offers guaranteed snow dispite its laughably low altitiude. The village is only 1.5 metres above sea level and the highest lift takes you up to 280 metres – it might be a good idea to leave your oxygen cylinders at home! There are eight lifts and ten slops, for all abilities (including a black slope). The resort has just invested in a new six-seater chairlift, ensuring that you will spend virtually no time queuing and be able to clock up just as many ski miles as you would in one of the larger European resorts.

As with all Scandinavian resorts, skiing is not the be all and end all of your holiday. There are loads of activities to choose from – snowmobiling, husky rides and ice fishing. Why not even take the kids to see a proper Lapland Santa?

The nearest train station is half an hour away, but there is a regular bus service from the station to the resort. Pyhä is also serviced by Rovaniemi Airport, which is 100 kilometres away from the resort. The resort is also popular with cross-country skiers, which mean there is a wide selection of accommodation opportunities.


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