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Platak ski resort, Croatia

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A fun ski holiday awaits you at the family-friendly ski resort of Platak in Croatia. This small ski resort offers a prime ski and snowboard experience with comfortable facilities and services to ensure you have a great time on the slopes. With the resort's small size and remote location, you can enjoy a quiet and unspoiled ski holiday in Platak.

Platak ski resort


Platak is a small and remote area, with limited options for accommodations. There are two mountain lodges located in Platak, which offer comfortable guest rooms, friendly service, and on-site restaurants which give you a convenient location for food, drink, and snacks. The two restaurants at these lodges are the only dining establishments in the area.

The closest major city to Platak is Rijeka, a coastal city just a short and scenic drive from Platak.


The ski season in Platak runs from the beginning of January through the beginning of May. There are a total of nine runs, of which one is black, four are red, and four are blue. The ski area is serviced by four ski lifts. The ski areas are not connecting, providing skiers with a quieter ski experience down the slopes. The highest point on the runs is 1,363 meters above sea level, and the lowest point is 1,111 meters above sea level, creating a total vertical drop of 252 meters. The ski area is unique to Croatia in that it is the only resort offering views of the sea from the top of the slopes. With the low altitude, snow cover can be variable, and the resort does not have snow machines to ensure even snow coverage.

Cross country skiers can enjoy 10 kilometers of cross country trails through the scenic landscape.


Platak ski resort


Other Activities

In winter months, Platak offers activities to engage you when you need a break from your skis. Sledding, motor sledding, and tobogganing are very popular activities. Platak also has a small snow park for snowboarders to enjoy.

In the summer, Platak serves as a starting point for a variety of activities in the mountains. You can take a nature walk in the scenic mountains, or a mountain biking expedition on the many trails.


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