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Panticosa-Los Lagos

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This ski resort is located deep in the Tena valley on the Caldares River. Here can be seen a charming village, with traditional stone built houses set on narrow streets. The center of this small town is a 13th Century Romanesque church. It is surrounded by majestic mountains, with lakes and high mountain peaks. This is why Panticosa is considered to be the ideal place from which to explore this incredibly wonderful area. During the summer period, the Sabocos chair lift takes walkers and mountain bikers up the Asnos and Sabocos lakes. It is an attractive spa village, which is fed by six mineral springs. There are 38 ski trails between 1500 and 2200 meters, which are mainly for beginners and intermediate skiers. The ski resort is full of old luxury hotels and casinos, so it can be a good tourist attraction for the big gambles and spenders.

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