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Palandoken Ski resort is one of the newer ski resorts in Turkey. But even in a short period of time, it has become quite a favorite among ski enthusiasts. Lying in the eastern region of Turkey, Palandoken ski resort is situated few kilometers away from Erzurum.

The best feature of this resort is the quality of snow it receives every year. Thanks to the high altitude and cold and dry climate, Palandoken ski resort gets very fine and powdery snow which is perfect for skiing. All the snow that you will see in this resort will be a hundred percent natural as this resort doesn't have any snowmaking system.

So, during a dry spell, you may not find any snow on the slopes of this resort. Before coming to this resort, make sure that you find out about the snow condition in the resort. If you are just going there for skiing, then it is always better to make sure that there is enough snow on the slopes to skiing. Also, come prepared for cold temperatures and strong winds.

As this resort is still developing, you won't find much grooming on the slopes and skiing trails. In fact, some trails are even strewn with rocks, so it is advisable that you stay careful while skiing at this ski resort especially if there is not too much snow.

As far as the accommodation options are concerned, there two luxury hotels in Palandoken Ski resort. Dedeman Palandöken Ski Center and Polat Renaissance Erzurum Hotel provide luxury accommodation and also have their own ski lifts which take their guests to the slopes. The staff at these hotels is very friendly and polite. But you will have to make payments in cash.

You can also take the Gondola ride to the top of the slopes. All these lifts and Gondola take you to the main peak. But remember that sometimes, these lifts go out of order due to heavy winds. Ski lifts are enough to handle the rush and you won't have to wait in queues for your turn.

Even though, most trails in this resort are very easy and don't possess much challenge for skiers, but the natural scenery around them is exceptional and it is worth to visit the resort even if you don't plan to ski. You can rent all the skiing equipment from the resort itself and you won't have to drag your own skis with you.

Palandoken Ski resort is an unusual ski resort as it gives the feel of skiing in wilderness because you won't find much artificial stuff in this resort.

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