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The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is located in South Asia and bordered by India, China, Afghanistan and Iran. Still a developing country in terms of skiing, it does offer a number of ski areas, with Malam Jabba, at 300 km from the country’s capital, Islamabad, being the largest, most popular and best known. Because the slopes are not always very well groomed, skiing in Pakistan may not be the best choice for absolute beginners. But, if you have a sense of adventure and you are looking for a skiing destination off the beaten track, this country, with its hospitable people, great mountains and stunning scenery, may be the perfect place to go.

Pakistan Skiing

Over sixty languages are spoken in Pakistan, but English is the official language used by the government and in the business world, making it easier for tourists to find their way. Pakistan is still very cheap, but credit cards are not widely accepted, so it is recommended to take enough cash.  

Pakistan ski resorts:

Malam Jabba


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