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Otepää is a small town in the south western part of Estonia, situated in northern Valgamaa where cross country skiing is very popular.


Otepää is called the "Winter Capital" of Estonia.This ski area focuses mainly on cross-country skiing, ski-jump and ice skating. Otepää is the location for the 2010 World Cup in cross-country skiing.  Local skiers won three Gold medals in Cross-Country skiing at the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics.

Being fairly flat Estonia is not suitable for downhill skiing.The highest mountain in Estonia being only 350 metres. There are however some very small lifts that would be good for beginners.

The snow season is more or less stable here and the weather does not change drastically as in other countries.

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Activities here include skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, etc. Tartu is a town close to this ski resort where visitors may enjoy sightseeing flights over this ski hill on a Cessna 172 or a helicopter.

Accommodation is available in the city of Tartu which is famous for its yearly ski-marathon.

Otepää means "bear's head" after the shape of the castle hill that looks like the head of a bear. Otepää dates to the 12th century with the first church being built in 1224. There is a museum of local history and flags. The Estonian flag that is blue, white and black was consecrated in Otepää.

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