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Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort, Japan

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Unwrapped in 1924, Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort in Nagano Prefecture   is one of Japan 's oldest   ski resorts. Located at the base of the 1650m high Kenashi-yama in northern Nagano , the Nozawa Onsen is recognised for its high snowfall and presents over 30 hot springs and foot springs. The springs at Nozawa are popularised by the white steam of the hot water that escalates up the ground and gives fantastic warmth. The hot springs are infinitely beneficial for body and soul, making Nozawa the perfect destination for a rejuvenating escape.

The snow resort at Nozawa offers modern facilities to skiers and snowboarders and Nozawa Onsen village tries hard to maintain a conventional atmosphere. Nozawa Onsen has always been at the peak of the Japanese skiing scene and lately snowboarding. It was the first place in the country to mount ski lifts and also organize copious major skiing and snowboarding tournaments. Not to forget that it has also been the host for Biathalon competitions at the Nagano Olympics. Well prominent for its Onsen ( hot springs ) since the Edo phase, the village has also played a noteworthy role in the history of skiing in Japan. 

Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort

The resort has slopes suitable for every skill level. They start from tender beginner slopes to demanding courses for more advanced riders. A total of 20 courses make their way from a height of 1650 metres down to this village. The Japanese ski resort of   Nozawa Onsen   has direct contact to 31km of downhill skiing, with 20 individual pistes provided by 27 ski lifts. The 27 Ski Lifts of Nozawa Onsen are able to strengthen 41,510 skiers/ snowboarders per hour. Nozawa Onsen gives good sking, mainly, for intermediate skiers.

One can access the Nozawa ski resort by reaching Nagano station. Nagaden Bus operates three direct   buses   every day from Nagano Station to Nozawa Onsen (75 minutes drive one way). Nozawa is also linked by bus from the Iiyama and Nagano Dentetsu train lines. From Nagano Station one can opt for the Iiyama line to Togari Nozawa Onsen Station . There are a huge number of hotels, ryokan: which are Japanese inns, and minsyuku: which are family owned lodgings, and the area is celebrated for its warm generosity. Many of the ryokan or minsyuku possess their own hot spring facilities. There are many restaurants in Nozawa, which hand out Japanese favourites. In addition to that, there are 60 bars, restaurants and cafes to dine out after skiing. The amazing onsen services will attract many tourists.

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