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Mont St. Anne Cross Country Ski Center, Quebec, Canada
Mont St. Anne’s has 130 miles of perfectly groomed trails for the Nordic skier. The season lasts for 6 months from November through April. The views are breathtaking at Mont St. Anne’s.

St. Moritz Ski Resort, St. Moritz, Switzerland
St. Moritz is one of the most versatile and popular resorts in the world. There are miles and miles of Nordic trails for skiers to traverse as well as downhill and ski jumping areas.

Jamtland, Ostersund, Sweden
Jamtland is a wonderland for the Nordic skier. The cross country skiing stadium has hosted many world championships. There are even 90 kilometers of trails that are well lit for that wish to ski at night.

Falls Creek Resort, Falls Creek, Victoria, Australia
Falls Creek Resort is adjacent to the Alpine National Park. With 21 cross country trails, Falls Creek boasts 65 kilometers of groomed trails. Falls Creek sponsors the Australian XC ski team.

Mount Vermio, Macedonia
Mount Vermio is a rather decent sized resort for the region. Although it only has one groomed trail for Nordic skiing, there are areas where skiers can enjoy the sport off trail. Downhill skiing is also provided for at Mount Vermio.

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