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In the Harjedalen Municipality in Sweden is the ski resort of Nasfjallet, nestled close to the border with Norway. Amidst a nature reserve, Nasfjallet is surrounded by scenes of amazing beauty, as well as hosting a number of amenities that could prove useful whilst enjoying a stay in the area. With a summit of 890m, Nasfjallet has snowfall throughout December till April, which is the duration of the ski season.

There are around ten slopes, accessed by two surface lifts, with a respectable vertical descent of 890m. The resort itself is free from the bustling the more well known in Sweden and as a result is the perfect place to enjoy some excellent and quiet slopes amongst beautiful surroundings.

The pistes are comprised of three green runs suitable for beginners, two blue runs for skiers with a bit more experience, then three red and two black runs that are attemptable by skiers of an advanced to expert level.

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