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Must-See Ski Resorts

While ranking the world's top ski resorts may be nearly impossible given the amount of factors to consider - terrain, size, powder, nightlife, location, family friend, etc. - there are a few resorts that Ski eGuides can safely put on a "must see" list. Here is a quick and dirty rundown of a few resorts that receive so many accolades year in and year out that they should definitely be on any ski fanatics bucket list:

Jackson Hole - Welcome to the Wild West! Jackson Hole is situated in the cowboy state of Wyoming, and true to its roots, this mountain is rugged and untamed. Its claim to fame is the Aerial Tram, which takes skiers to wildly steep, advanced terrain and the longest vertical top to bottom in the lower 48 states. When the skiing is done, visitors kick up their heels to country music at one of Jackson's many local watering holes or visit one of the U.S.'s two oldest National Parks - Yellowstone and Grand Teton - to marvel at the abundant wildlife and natural beauty.

Jackson Hole skiing
flickr image by clarque

Chamonix ski resort

Chamonix - Perched high up in the Alps sits Chamonix's, home to one of the world's most famous peaks, Mont Blanc. Yet, Mont Blanc is just the tip of the iceberg. Chamonix is a winter wonderland that encompasses 13 different ski areas spread across 30,000 acres of skiable terrain. From world cup runs and expansive glacial faces to cruisers that seem to go on forever, there is truly something for everyone here and skiers could spend a lifetime without repeating a run. Beyond the skiing, the Chamonix area has a distinct Swiss charm that draws in even those non-skiers who're looking for a luxurious and relaxing escape amongst a breathtaking backdrop.

Alta - Nestled in Utah's Little Cottonwood Canyon, Alta is a serious skier's mountain without all of the frills. What it lacks in luxury, it easily makes up for by having some of the best snow and terrain around. Not only does it receive epic proportions of snow at over 500 inches each year, but the runs are big and burly, elevating the heart rates of even the most advanced skiers. Despite its extreme reputation, this resort is one of the most laid back and inviting around, easily putting it on Ski eGuides "must see" list. Ski purists and minimalists will definitely want to make a trip to Alta.

Alta ski resort
flickr image by Lietmotiv

Whistler-Blackcomb - As if they weren't standouts on their own, Whistler and Blackcomb joined forces in the late 1990s to become a world renowned powerhouse of a ski resort. Today, their massive peaks are connected by a cable car that is an adventure for visitors in its own right. Power-hounds flock to Whistler-Blackcomb for its limitless, challenging terrain that while on-piste, is truly reminiscent of the backcountry and especially fun after a strong La Nina season when the resorts receive their most impressive amounts of powder. After the ski-day is done, visitors can indulge in many of the culinary delights that await in the bustling, pedestrian town that sits at these two mountains feet. From skiing to entertainment, Whistler-Blackcomb has it all.

Whistler Blackcomb ski resort

Squaw Valley
Squaw Valley - At Squaw, pampering occurs both on and off the slopes. The resorts itself boasts world class terrain that is expansive enough to accommodate everyone from beginners to expert shredders all set against the panorama of a the picturesque Sierras and breathtaking Lake Tahoe below. Locals will tell you there never is a bad day at Squaw, particularly because ski conditions seem to vacillate between blizzards and bluebird days. Off the mountain, visitors can expect equal amounts of fun and entertainment, from 5-star restaurants and excellent après fun.

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