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Mountain View ski area, Canada

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This ski area offers 20 km of groomed trails in which mountain biking and cross country skiing are enjoyed by the enthusiasts visiting this hill. There is no alpine skiing in this facility. This site hosted the 2008 Ontario Cup MTB (MounTain Biking) Championships. To get to this hill, drivers need to go north from Barrie on 400 to Midland.

South trails include the 5 km and 9 km expert and the north trails include 0.7 km Beginner, 1.5 km Beginner, 3 km Intermediate, 5 km Intermediate and 8.5 km Intermediate.

There are many programs for children here. The Bunny Rabbit program is for children 3 – 5 years and the Jack Rabbit program for youth up to 12 years. Then the children go forward to the Challenge Rabbits or Racing Rabbits program depending on their skills at that point.

Most trails are groomed for both ice skating and classic skiing. Events here include Cookie Race, Snow Dog Race, Elementary School Race, Ofsaa Championships, etc.

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