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Mount Cain ski resort , Vancouver Island, Canada

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Located to the north of Vancouver Island, Mount Cain in Schoen Lake Regional Park is managed by the Mount Cain Alpine Park Society and is the only community operated ski hill. Vancouver Island may be reached via Victoria International airport or by train, ferries or by car if you are inland.

This ski area usually opens in mid December and the operating hours are Saturday and Sunday. It may be open on certain Mondays depending on the arrival or school groups when only the lower T-bar and handle tow will be working.

The average snowfall is about 300cm (9.8 ft) and the vertical drop is 457 meters (1,499 ft). Most of the lower runs are groomed except for the runs on the upper T-bar which are left as is for visitors to enjoy skiing on the fresh powdery snow.  The ration of runs is allotted as Beginner – 20%, Intermediate – 45% and Advanced – 35%. There are 18 trails on this site.

Events here include the Victoria Snow Show, Courtenay Snow Show, Ski Patrol Training, Cabin Owners Meeting, TeleFest, Kid’s Fest and Cain Cup.

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