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Mount Buffalo ski resort, Victoria, Australia

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Mount Buffalo is a mountain plateau in Victoria (Australia) which is 200 km northeast of Melbourne . Built in 1910, the Buffalo ski area radiates a warm and charming atmosphere. Mt Buffalo has also gained a reputation for having the best skiing resorts in whole of Australia . It is a haven for the inexperienced and beginners. Mt Buffalo is also well-known for its picturesque cross country trails, past granite boulders and snow laden snow gums.

The ski area possesses an enchanting winter playground which has been attracting visitors and skiers alike, for over 60 years. Mt Buffalo has continued to stay with its conventional premise. It is still the resort committed to provide the perfect ski vacation for those who are drained by the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. The ski area is indeed an unspoiled place for city dwellers who are longing for a change. The crest of Mt Buffalo rises to the height of 1,695 metres above sea level, only 85 metres higher than where is visibly accessible. At this height, Mt Buffalo imparts visitors a scenic view while relating them to a chain of exciting ski runs. With a skiing area of almost four hectares, Mt Buffalo certainly has enough space to accommodate every type of skiers. There are 2 double ski lifts and 5 pomas on the alpine, which are activated to move beginners and intermediate skiers to easier slopes, while moving the advanced skiers to the steep and long runs of the alpine resort.

Mt Buffalo offers distinct accommodation to its tourists through the Chalet. A historic and fascinating guest house, the Chalet has been approving alpine tourists hospitably since 1910. Within the Chalet there are several types of rooms that can cater to various conveniences.

Mount Buffalo ski resort

Mt Buffalo is located close to the cities of Sydney and Melbourne; so tourists have several transportation options to choose from. One of the routes to Mt. Buffalo is through one of Victoria 's major roads -- the well-known Hume Highway . Visitors can even board a train at Southern Cross Railway Station from Spencer Street in transfer to buses that can move them to Porepunkah -- the gateway to Mt. Buffalo . With airports of Albury and Mt. Hotham located near the alpine, air travel lists as among the easiest ways to get to Mt. Buffalo. There are many flights that depart from Sydney , Canberra and Melbourne and from some regional centres to Albury airport.

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