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Ski hotels in Morocco

The Majestic Atlas Mountains of Morocco provide skiers with some truly breathtaking views. The Kingdom of Morocco is located in North Africa and probably not the first country that comes to mind when listing possible skiing destinations.

It does, however, offer Africa’s highest ski resort, Oukaimeden, in the High Atlas Mountains, with the top of its highest ski lift at a spectacular 3268 meters above sea level. Skiing has been a popular sport with Morocco’s wealthy locals for a long time and the Moroccan mountains certainly have great potential to be converted in a top skiing destination. It seems that plans to further develop the Oukaimeden ski resort are well underway.  

The best snow is available in January and February and all equipment can be rented. It may not be state-of-the-art, but the prices are low. As long as you don’t expect European standard ski resorts and facilities, Morocco may be a pleasant surprise with its uncluttered pistes, fresh mountain air, and striking views. A lot of people who don’t ski, only go up the mountains to go sledging or to admire the breathtaking views over Africa. 


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