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Mont Castor ski resort, Quebec, Canada

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The city of Matane is located on the Gaspe´ Peninsula on the shores of Saint Lawrence River in Quebec which is well known for its shrimp and salmon fishing. Just minutes from downtown Matane is the Mont Castor where free style skiers enjoy the famous snowboard park which is very popular in Quebec.

Tube sliding, slope style snowboarding and big air snowboarding competitions are held here very year. The vertical drop here is 185 m.

There are 18 trails in this facility rated Beginners – 2, Intermediate – 3, Advanced – 2 and Extreme or Expert – 11. There are three glade parks filled with trees and other beautiful sights.

Night time skiing is offered in Mont Castor and Snowboarding, downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, winter sliding and snowshoeing are encouraged.

There are 3 surface lifts here which carry the skier uphill to the slopes. Mont Castor also has Tobogganing facilities.

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