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Moneasa ski resort, Romania

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The Moneasa ski resort is located with the Moneasa commune in Arad County, Romania. At an altitude of 290m, Moneasa is found at the foot of Codru-Moma Mountains amidst beautiful scenery and surrounds. Moneasa enjoys a dependable snowfall each year, which generally opens the ski season up in December and lasts until the last fallings of snow in mid March.

Being generally new to its position as a ski destination, Moneasa is still a relatively quiet resort best suited to those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of larger, more established ski resorts to enjoy some practice or just some independent skiing. Moneasa is generally considered to be best suited to intermediate and advanced levels, however there are beginner and children’s runs as well, making it perfect for family ski retreats. The ski track itself is around 250m in length and can be accessed easily by the ski lift.


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