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Medvednica ski resort, Croatia

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Medvednica or "Bear Mountain" is located in central Republic of Croatia which is a country in South Eastern Europe. Accommodations can be easily made in the hotels surrounding Medvednica. International visitors may arrive through the Pleso Airport in Zagreb, Croatia.

Medvednica ski resort

The highest peak here is Sljeme which has an elevation of 1033 metres. This area is part of a national park which covers an awe-inspiring 228 square kilometres of which the majority of land is covered with forest. On the northern slopes near Sljeme is a winter athletics centre which has hosted Women’s FIS World Cup Slalom races and the Men’s FIS World Cup slalom race.

This centre has a Triple chairlift and two T-bar lifts. There is also a Gondola lift and a cable car which can take four people up the slopes in 23 minutes. There are five runs and they are rated Beginners – 40%, Intermediate – 40% and Advanced – 20%.

The length of the runs is as follows: Bijela Livada – 400 metres, Bijeli Spust - 1000 metres, Crveni Spust – 950 metres, Zeleni Spust is 400 metres and Plavi Spust is 1400 metres.

Night skiing on the fantastic slopes is offered on Medvednica. The tracks are well marked with signs and directions. This area is covered by natural snow about 100 days a year. Skiing season has been extended to four months with the use of snow making facilities.

There is a ski equipment rental offered at the park. Activities in the surrounding areas include Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, Snowboarding and Mountain Climbing. For families, there is a cable car that takes visitors from Grancanski Bliznec to the top of the peak of Sljeme.


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