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Loon Mountain, Lincoln, New Hampshire

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Loon Mountain is  located in Lincoln, New Hampshire which is a part of Grafton County. With a height of about 934m this resort has been host for all-season recreation. This is one of the most favored skiing spots in the state.

Loon Mountain

Loon Mountain has been conducting New Hampshire Highland Games for  many years and the number of visitors at this time is comparatively more than the numbers visiting in winter.
Loon Mountain caters to avid skiers with twelve ski lifts and three surface lifts.

The area covers about 324 acres for the purpose of skiing. New routes for skiing and riding are being developed  which are called Twitcher and Jobber and are expected to be completed by 2011-12.  The skiing conditions are always consistent and offer a challenge to both beginner and advanced skiiers.

I had an enjoyable experience at Loon Mountain. There were never any lift lines while I was there which made for a stress-free day. The terrain was groomed and had a few inches of fresh powder. It made for a wonderful day of skiing. I thoroughly enjoyed Ripsaw, Triple Trouble and Angel Street even though they were not expert trails. This would be a great mountain for intermediate skiers.

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