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Leysin represents one of the most on-pretentious mountain villages in the entire Vaud Alps, being really above Montreux. Also, this is a ski resort that is currently having great off track possibilities for all the tourists that are coming here. It is now earning on a constant basis, a large reputation as one of the mountain pearls of Switzerland. Leysin is worldwide famous tourist resort, mostly because of the new and modern facilities, utilities and accommodations offered to the foreign ski addicts. Like in each and every other ski resort in Switzerland, the tourism that is made here is based on the foreign tourists that are coming to spend their money in the Swiss way. So, here there were organized many winter sports events in the past decades, one of the most important, FIS Snowboard World Cup, being held here in 2008. Also, there were and are also being held today, many other world cups, in sports such as board cross, downhill mountain-biking and also speed skiing.

So, Leysin is combining a beautiful landscape, with low prices and a lively atmosphere. This tourist resort is even much more attractive than the rival Swiss ski resorts, Zermatt and Verbier.

You will now may wonder why the people are coming to the mountains, in Laysin. Well, the answer might be simple, but as simple as it is, it is also complex. In general, people are mainly coming to Leysin because they like skiing, mountain biking together with the ones that are passionate in horseback writing. There are multiple couples of sites in Leysin, which are really worth to be visited at any time of the year, in any season. Also, from here there can easily reached Montreux and Lausanne.

In conclusion, Leysin is a very good holiday option, not only because of its extraordinary ski facilities, utilities and amenities, but also because of its inhabitants. The actual people that are living here, is one most generous, friendly and welcoming, offering great experience for all the tourists. So, if you will come here, you will be welcomed. Also, don’t worry to bring with you your children, because there are many children facilities and amenities, which not only will make the stay of your children a funny and entertaining experience, but also a safe and secure one.

A local favorite, this Swiss Ski Resort offers a bit of it all. Perfect for beginners or intermediate skiers and snowboarders, Leysin is made up of 37 miles of runs. With plenty of nooks and crannies for the adventure seeking, the trails are made up of vastly different landscapes so the rider never gets bored. For the die hard, there is also heli-skiing available. After a hard day of skiing or boarding, seek out the Kuklos restaurant. The restaurant turns 360 degrees every 90 minutes, offering views for the eyes to behold.

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