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Lenk im Simmental, also simply known as Lenk, is a municipality in the Swiss Canton of Bern. It is lying at just 80 kilometers from the Swiss capital of Bern, and at only 100 kilometers from Montreux. Also, Lenk is connected by rail to the near-by Swiss town of Zweisimmen, which is making Lenk not only a road connected city with the rest of the world, but also connected by rail with other city in this country. So, it is not such an isolated place, in the middle of nowhere.

Lenk is one of the municipalities in Simmental, located at the highest altitudes, even in the entire Swiss Alps. The municipal zone is including many mountains, the highest of them being Wildstrubel. Seen as an entire, this municipality is really dependent on tourism, being based on the winter sports.

Lenk is having impressive accommodation facilities for a little town, for more than 5000 guests (90% foreign tourists), including more than 800 hotel beds. You are not really impressed about the accommodation facilities for the 5000 guests limit, but you must understand that the actual town’s population is of just 2000 people.

This place is the paradise of all the natural skiers, snowboarders and hikers in the Swiss region of Bernese Oberland. Only here, the active ones, and also the tourist that are looking for a little bit of relaxation in the holiday period, will find here the seek pleasures. Here you can discover the joy for the sport activities in nature, such as mountain hikes in the summer, skiing and snowboarding in the winter, together with swimming and other similar activities.

The ski resort is operating on both sides of the valley in which it is found (the Simme Valley), creating interesting landscapes that are most appreciated by the foreign tourists. All the landscapes are unique and original, being able to be seen only here, in this marvelous Swiss tourist resort.

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