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Le Collet d’Allevard ski resort, northern Alps, France

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Located in the Belledonne area of Isére in the northern Alps, this resort has a lift-served area that extends from 1,450m to 2,100m. The runs that are served by lifts comprise 35km. It has the largest floodlit areas in Europe and is popular with skiers who come after their work-day ends.  Le Collet d’Allevard has recently added artificial snow. At the time of the First World War, many wounded soldiers were cared for at the local hotel.

Some of these soldiers introduced skiing to the area; and after they left, one Antoine Cros bought 28 pairs of the crude skis and used them to teach young people how to use them to descend the slopes. The first lifts were built in 1955 and a book was written about its first 50 years on its 50th anniversary. Off-trail skiing is popular here but is limited to a secured area. Even so, ski touring is also very popular in the surrounding area. The nearest airport is at Grenoble and the nearest train station is at Pontcharra. There is bus service from Grenoble. There are plenty of lodging accommodations available and the nearby casino town of Allevard has many very fine restaurants.


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